PayGround-New Age Payments Summit 2020

Having access to your banking requirements at the touch of a button! The ability to bank from anywhere anytime! Taking your bank wherever you go! These were considered utopian concepts few decades back. The birth of the internet, the rise of affordable smartphones, the increased penetration of the internet, have accelerated the growth of the digital payment sector. The COVID19 pandemic further accelerated the growth of this sector as contactless payments became the preferred mode for financial transactions. Emerging nations of South Asia such India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan are witnessing a gradual but definite transition from a cash-centric to a cashless society. With the support of their Governments, these nations are tirelessly striving towards their goal of becoming a truly digital economy.

Among the SAARC nations of Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan & Sri Lanka, India has emerged as a leader in digital payments. With its growing and maturing digital payment sector India can be the guiding beacon for the SAARC nations in achieving their goal. Sapphire Connect is committed to addressing issues and matters of importance that carry tremendous potential that can strengthen the economy further. In light of how technology has redefined the payment sector over that last few years, Sapphire Connect is proud to present the PayGround Summit – The New Age Payments E-Summit. A day long virtual summit dedicated for SAARC nations to come together. Deliberating on how to further foster growth and support in building a digital economy. With experts and industry leaders from SAARC nations and across the globe, deliberating on how to realize this vision, streamlining the approach and devising strategies that would enable a truly digital economy for generations to come.

Sector Focus

  • Banking
  • Telecom
  • E-commerce
  • OTT players
  • Online Groceries / pharmacies /gaming / recharge